Gender: Male
Make: 1941 WWII (World War 2) Willy's Army Jeep
Color: Green
License Plate Number: 41WW2
Occupation: Owner of Sarge's Surplus Hut
Member of Lightning McQueen's pit crew
Hometown: Radiator Springs
Voiced by: Paul Dooley

Sarge is an army Jeep and the owner of Sarge's Surplus Hut.


Ask Sarge about his military service and he'll regale you with stories of daring fearlessness! Like the time his tank friend lost his track in The Battle of the Bulge and Sarge had to tow him to safety. For his bravery, Sarge received the Grille Badge of True Mettle! It's displayed front and center at Sarge's Surplus Hut, side by side with Sarge's own brand of The Mother Road survival kit. He guarantees that if you break down, this kit will help you get through the night and maybe the next world war, and it all stows nicely in your trunk.